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Four days with people who all think I’m wrong, no matter what I say or do, no matter what I’m asked to do I do it wrong, if I make a decision it’s wrong, if someone asks what 2+7 is and I say 9 I’m wrong, if I read the manual for some equipment and someone asks me a question and I know the answer I’m wrong, until someone else agrees with me and then they are right

 and i’m a bitch for saying anything about it

The whole trip everything I said or did was wrong and I was made fun of and laughed at or else ignored 

I follow someone’s explicit direction to read a piece of paper and I do and IT’S THE WRONG PAPER LAUREN YOU FUCKING STUPID BITCH I MEAN I TOLD YOU TO READ IT YOU IDIOT WHY DID YOU READ IT

i was already a replacement for someone who canceled then I got to spend four days with that


Look at him.  Just…


I’m editing some scenes from Twilight, but only to switch Edward and Bella’s genders.  I have a feeling opinions about certain aspects of their “relationship” would have been met very differently if the roles were reversed.

Then I’m gonna do the same thing with Fatal Attraction.  And (S)He’s Just Not That Into You.  Fuck man, shit’s misogynistic as hell.

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his life was totally in danger.


Isn’t this a Toronto Police Office during the G8 summit? Canada isn’t what it seems either, guys. 

This was UC Davis during the Occupy movement.

And that ass hole right there was suspended with pay (he made $119,067 that year) AND was awarded $38,000 for the suffering he experienced after the incident.  
Meanwhile, the three dozen protestors who were sprayed in the fucking face received approximately $25,000.
This shit is rigged.  You can’t win.

Walking around Commercial Drive is like living in a Benetton ad.

Sometimes I think I’ll miss it when I leave, but then like 40 fuckin hippy assholes decide to meander, painfully slowly, blocking the entire sidewalk for an impromptu drum parade complete with some twat burning a thing of sage which was blowing directly into my face for about 10 minutes until I literally walked into the middle of the street, around parked cars, just to get away from them.

:) :) :) :) I hate every person in this city :) :) :) :) :)

drtracksuit replied to your post “Lauren’s favourite things #7533574: Super serious toothpaste…”

*drinks glass of cold water* It DOESN’T HURT

"I didn’t want to replace my current toothpaste (???1!@?WHY??!) but now I’m excited to see my dentist’s reaction !"

Welcome to Cannibal Cafe.

Lauren’s favourite things #7533574:

Super serious toothpaste commercials, where one person sits in a dull room in front of a single camera and discusses their internal struggle about switching to Sensodyne.

I’m gonna spend the entire long weekend on a huge houseboat and we bought a keg

Night swimming all night yes please
You guys wouldn’t even believe the scenery and the sky at night up there is fucking unreal.

I’m bringing two cameras.

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Nude Portraits series by photographer Trevor Christensen

Opaque  by  andbamnan